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What HR and Employers look out for when hiring

HR Managers and Employers Talk about attributes They Look Out for When They Hire Interns

To help you understand the core when it comes to internship hiring process, we interviewed employers and Human resources Managers and asked them what they look out for when they want to hire an intern. Look at their responses:

 “Whenever I want to hire an intern, I look out for relevant skills, Knowledge and Interest”

 “When employers want to employ interns, they often look out for your willingness to work”

 “When we want to hire interns, we look out for candidates that are trainable and people that can fit into the success plan of the organization soon.

Hope you were able to pick out recurring job-search facts hearing from interns, Human Resources Managers and employers?

Well for me I picked up lots of job-search realities listening to them, but I will like to talk about two key job search realities that I discovered;

  1. The Power of Networking

From different research and discoveries in job-search techniques, networking has proven to be one of the most effective job-search techniques in the 21st century. From the interns’ responses about how to get an amazing internship, I noticed that over 60% of interns got their jobs through networking.

Looking at survey, it is quite evident that networking is one of the most effective tools you can use to land an amazing internship opportunity in Australia. So, if you have not started networking, learn how to network here as soon as you want to land the internship opportunity of your dreams.

  1. Self-development

Listening to the different responses, one amazing fact that I can pick out is this; if you want to be a part of a made company, you should be a made person. It means that if you are looking forward to getting an internship opportunity in a ‘big company’, you should be dedicated to making yourself a ‘big candidate’.

The process of learning is an important process for anyone that wants to build a career by taking up internship opportunities. Employers and HR Managers emphasized a person’s ability to learn as a major requirement for an internship placement.

Looking at the competition in the job market, it feels almost impossible to get an amazing internship placement. Hearing from the mouth of interns themselves, I am sure you are convinced that it is possible to land your dream internship opportunity equipping yourself with the right knowledge and information.

To land an amazing internship opportunity, you must be open to opportunities. See amazing internship opportunities here.

I shared the job-search realities that I discovered from interns and HR Managers, don’t forget to share yours with us in the comment box below.

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